About Us

adopted dog happy with his new homeFriends of Noah-WI was founded in 2009 with one goal in mind – to do everything we could so that no animal would ever have to be adopted again. We believe that every animal deserves a loving home; and we are proud to take the steps to help make that a reality. Whether through animal fostering, pet owner education, food for pets in need, or emergency vet care financial support, we strive to advocate for animals in need.

How We Do It

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible in support of our dedication to the mission of providing safe, loving homes for animals. There are numerous efforts that go toward achieving that goal. These include:

  • Fostering and re-homing stray and abandoned animals
  • Promoting the advantages of adopting an animal from a rescue or shelter
  • Advocating spay and neutering of all pets
  • Maintaining a food-bank for low-income, seniors, and others in order to provide food to those who need it for their pets
  • Providing community outreach, especially to elementary children, in hopes of building awareness of the need for kindness to animals and the current issues regarding pet overpopulation

Why Friends of Noah-WI vs a Municipal Shelter or Humane Society?

While the goals of a shelter or humane society and Friends of Noah-WI are similar, there are some key differences between us. Our volunteer-based organization is led by a single paid staff member, the executive director. All animal foster care is provided by volunteers. Organizational funding occurs through animal adoption fees, private donations, corporate and business sponsorships, employee-based matching fund programs, and fundraising. Even though every situation is unique at Friends of Noah-WI, the following is a “typical” situation that illustrates how we operate.

  • Each animal taken from a shelter or humane society into our rescue is completely “vetted”; that is, given all shots, spayed/neutered, treated for any routine medical (and sometimes extraordinary) needs, and micro chipped.
  • A volunteer foster parent takes the animal into his or her own home with the focus being on getting the animal acclimated to an actual home environment.
  • While in the foster home, the animal is provided food, housing, and medical care (if needed).
  • The animal is socialized to this environment, trained in rudimentary commands and potty trained. The animal becomes familiar with living with all ages and types of humans, other animals that may be in the home, and learn how to deal with other humans or pets that may visit the home.
  • The animal is put up for adoption, and those individuals interested in the animal are asked to fill out an adoption application and meet the animal before the adoption takes place.

Here’s just a taste of who we are

But don’t take it from us…

We’re happy to tell you all about what we do and why you should work with Friends of Noah-WI to find your next pet. And, after working with hundreds of adopters over the years, we figured that some of those happy pet owners could say it better than we can.

“It’s easy. All the work of vetting the animal is done.”

“It’s inexpensive. I’m paying far less for the care that’s already been done, than I would have had to pay otherwise. And I get a great animal on top of that!”

“I know what I’m getting. The Friends of Noah, WI foster parents have lived with the animal and know everything about it.”

“The animals already know what it’s like to live in a house and how to behave.”

“I like helping those animals that need to be rescued.”

“I like supporting an all-volunteer organization like Friends of Noah-WI….they’re putting a lot of their own time, energy and money into this to help the animals.”

Who is Friends of Noah-WI?

We are a volunteer-based organization, which is what makes our missions possible.  There are hundreds of pets that may not have a happy, loving home were it not for the tireless efforts of our volunteers. In addition, our Board of Directors is made up of community members who volunteer their time and talents and are committed to the rescue’s mission. The Board of Directors meets monthly on the last Monday of the month.

The current members of the Friends of Noah, WI  Board of Directors are:

Jean Austin
Steve Caya
Sandy Kraft
Anita Kropf
Rachelle Yankelevitz

To learn more about all the programs at Friends of Noah – WI, join us for one of our monthly volunteer meetings.  They are held on the third Wednesday of every month at Culver’s in Newville, WI.  Everyone is welcome!