Frequently Asked Questions


What is Friends of Noah?

Friends of Noah is the largest animal rescue organization in Rock County, with over 80 active members.  We are not a “brick and mortar” shelter, but rather a network of committed volunteers who provide a full circle of support to our community and its pets.

When was Friends of Noah established and why?

Lois and Mert Corwin established Friends of Noah in 2010.  They moved here from Cincinnati and quickly discovered there were very few all-breed animal rescue groups in the area.  The need was great to help stray and abandoned animals, as well as help disadvantaged people in the community keep their pets in their homes.

What are the organization’s main initiatives?

Foster/Adoption:  Friends of Noah takes in stray and abandoned animals and places them in foster homes where they receive lots of love, as well as any necessary medical treatment.  They are adopted into permanent, loving homes once they are rehabilitated.  Our rescue animals are evaluated for temperament and personality, which helps us place them in homes well suited to their needs and the needs of their future families.  Since 2009, over 300 animals have been fostered then adopted into forever loving homes!

CAFÉ:  The Friends of Noah CAFÉ provides free pet food to families facing tough times.  We are currently serving over 500 families per month and an estimated 750 pets.  We don’t want any pet owners to have to choose between providing for their families or providing for their pets.

NOAH’S ANIMAL FUND:  The Noah’s Animal Fund provides financial assistance to qualified pet owners for emergency medical care.  In 2011 alone, over 25 animals received life-saving veterinary treatment as a result of this fund.

SAFE:  Through various activities and events, SAFE educates kids on responsible pet care and safety as a means of prevention.  On average, over 40 children per month are reached through our SAFE efforts.