a dog for fosteringAnyone who has a pet knows that they bring a priceless amount of love to your home. Unfortunately, everything else associated with owning an animal comes with a price…and often a hefty one.

At Friends of Noah-WI, we make sure that every animal we adopt is cared for and ready to fit right into their new home. But, many of the animals that come to us need significant care to nurse them back to health and prepare them for adoption. That can include shots, veterinary care, food, medicine and any number of items that can bring significant cost to the organization.

Every dollar helps

We would appreciate any amount of donation you can make to help fund our mission to give every stray or abandoned animal a loving home.  You can make a one-time donation, or you can establish a regular monthly donation to be automatically deducted from your paypal account.   Please donate today.

Donate Supplies

In addition to financial help, we’re always looking for supplies to help us care for our furry friends. If you would like to donate supplies, take a look at our wish list. Supplies can be dropped off at The Dawg Zone, or you can contact us to set up delivery.

Thank you so much for your help!