Pet Fostering

foster catAn extremely important step in the process of rescuing a dog, cat or house rabbit is fostering an animal. While it can be one of the most challenging steps in the rescue and adoption process, it is also one of the most rewarding.   There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped an animal grow and thrive to the point of being able to be adopted into a forever, loving home.

Pet Fostering

Pet fostering volunteers perform important activities – including taking them to vet appointments, socialization and (most importantly) loving the stray or abandoned animal to prepare them for their forever home.

While we are always looking for help with animal fostering, we are also dedicated to making sure that our animal fosters have the same passion as we do for helping prepare the animals for their new home. It takes time, love and patience to be a  foster parent, so we take steps to be sure that our pet fosters are truly prepared for the effort animal fostering takes.

Becoming a Pet Foster

If you are interested in animal fostering, you can learn the steps to becoming a foster, see some of the fostering frequently asked questions or EMAIL US.