Fostering FAQs

rescued dog Is the animal vet checked?
Yes, each animal receives a wellness check at Badger Veterinary Clinic. Vaccinations are brought up-to-date; blood work and fecal tests are done if necessary.  If the animal is not altered, authorization is given for the foster parents to set up that appointment at their convenience.

How much will I know about the animal before I agree to take it into my home?
Everything that Friends of Noah-Wisconsin knows about the animal will be passed on to the foster family so they are able to make an informed decision to accept a foster placement.  If there are unanswered questions, Friends of Noah-Wisconsin will ask the owner or shelter for further clarification.  Once the commitment is made, Friends of Noah-Wisconsin will tell the owner or shelter that we have an available foster home and can take the animal.

How long can I expect to keep my foster animal?
Because Friends of Noah-Wisconsin is not a brick and mortar shelter, all of our rescues are housed in foster homes.  It is the anticipation that the animals will remain with their family until they are adopted.  If for some reason, the placement does not work out, the animal can certainly be moved to another home as quickly as possible.  Respite care is available for vacationing families.

Is there someone to help me learn how to do this?
It’s really very simple!  It’s your home.  You’re just adding another resident.  Foster procedures are reviewed at the time of the home visit and you will tell Friends of Noah-Wisconsin what type of animal will be the best fit for your family.  Training consultations are available and there is always someone ready to answer any questions you may have.

What support services does Friends of Noah-Wisconsin provide for foster families?
Friends of Noah-Wisconsin networks with a variety of other organizations to provide an excellent level of care for the animals in addition to education and support for foster families.

  • Available in-home training consultation
  • Swimming at Dunkin’ Dawgs
  • Socialization and Day Care at Dawg Zone
  • Veterinary care at Badger Vet
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Respite care for vacationing foster families
  • Someone always available for advice and/or to answer questions

What will my expenses be?
All veterinary care is provided through Friends of Noah-Wisconsin at Badger Vet Clinic.  A foster family may have to transport their animal to a vet appointment. Fosters will be asked to provide food and basic needs for their animal.

What is the adoption procedure?
All Friends of Noah-Wisconsin adoptables are posted on Petfinder.  The foster family helps to assess readiness for adoption and assists with pictures and information for the website.  Animals may also be brought to public outings and events, though adoptions are never done onsite.  Interested parties may contact or by calling 774-3402 to inquire about the adoption procedure.  An application must be completed.  Pre-approved adopters will be connected with the foster family to meet the animal.  Clearly, the foster parents know their animal best, so they will play an important role in the final adoption decision.