In memory of our beloved Zoe

This is our beloved “one of a kind” Zoe. The best girl any dog parent could ever ask for.

She came to us when she was 2 ½ years old, and would be the second girl of our five rescues. What a handful she was! Full of spunk and attitude as she tried to train us! During her first year with us she became very ill. After many trips to the vet and finally UW-Madison we learned she was allergic to her food and 4 pages of other allergies. Thanks to her dad , Butch, she was given another chance, the best care, diet, love and comfort a “dober girl” could ask for.

She loved blankets and could cover herself, which was quite comical to watch. Zoe was the type of girl who was kind to every animal and human that came into her territory. She seemed to take everyone under her paw as if she knew what ever it was they were going through. She always tried to help when we brought a rescue home, she was such a model “mom.”

Because of her attitude and incredible strength or will we were sure she would be the longest living Doberman in history. On July 5th unexpectly we lost our beloved “Zo,” just four days after her 12th birthday.

We miss her so much and it’s inn her honor that we will continue to support animal rescues and the wonderful people at Friends of Noah-WI because we know Zoe would want it that way.

Thank you Lois for all of your hard work and to all of you who have expressed such kind words during our time of grief.

She made us laugh – she made us cry – she made our day – she made our life complete!