Tribute To Zoe

How do you put into words, “The Perfect Dog?” That would have been my Zoe, also known as zoziepuff, The Princess and zozo. She was the true meaning of unconditional love. She welcomed all into her home human and animal alike. She just had this mellow kindness about her. She would always sit on her “beaner” and look at the other dogs like, “ I can’t believe you’re doing that!” She used to love to go for walks and would bark for the first block as if to say, “hey, I’m out here, look at me!” Early on, she used to walk up to 3 miles, which was pretty good for a Pom. They used to love having her come to the vet’s office because I would set her on the counter to pay my bill and she would just sit there and wait for the girls to pet her.

When she got sick, she left this world as she came into it with true dignity and unconditional love. She waited for me to come home before she passed, because she knew it would make it easier for me.

Rest well my beautiful, Zoe until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. All Our Love, Mom, Pib and Jazzy