What We Do

happy adopted dogWith a goal of making sure every animal has a loving home, our efforts need to include much more than animal adoption. To achieve our goal, it takes many different activities on all fronts to ensure that every animal has a safe, loving home. These are just a few of the things we do:

Animal Adoption: Be it dog adoption, cat adoption or house rabbit adoption, we work to find loving homes for stray and abandoned animals. You can find our available animals on Petfinder or learn more about our animal adoption efforts.

Animal Fostering: An important step in the process of finding a loving home for every animal is fostering. Before a dog, cat or house rabbit is adopted, they spend time in a foster home preparing for their new home – including veterinary checkups, socialization and many other things to help them prepare to bond with their new family. Learn more about animal fostering of contact us if you’d like to volunteer to help.

Companion Animal Food Effort (C.A.F.E.): Sometimes, pet owners find themselves in difficult financial situations and can’t afford to feed their pets. We want to make sure that a difficult situation doesn’t prevent a loving family from caring for their pets. C.A.F.E. is designed to help these families continue to care for their pets even during difficult times. Find out how you can help with C.A.F.E.

Noah’s Animal Fund: Much like C.A.F.E., Noah’s Animal Fund is here to help care for animals that may not otherwise receive the care they need. You can find out about animal assistance from the Badger Animal Fund.

Saving Animals Through Focused Education (S.A.F.E.): The very important aspect of responsible pet ownership and animal education with our local community is a critical element in insuring that animals are properly cared for.  This program helps to provide support to ensure that animals stay in their forever, loving homes.