Pet Adoption

puppy that is ready for pet adoptionEvery year FOUR MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States. Horrifically, many of these are the result of dogs that don’t have a loving home and no other options.

As a Wisconsin dog and cat adoption organization, we at Friends of Noah-WI think this is unacceptable. We have set the goal that every dog, cat and rabbit will have a loving home.

Pet Adoption

Dog adoption, cat adoption and rabbit adoption are all big parts of achieving that goal. In this day of dogs being an accessory to someone’s wardrobe rather than a beloved member of the family, cats roaming free and rabbits not being considered the wonderful family pets they once were, we have set out to place every stray or abandoned dog, cat or rabbit that we can in a loving home.

By completing a dog adoption, adopting a cat or giving a bunny a new home, you are quite possibly giving that animal a second chance at life. You are loving that pet in a way that someone else either could or wouldn’t…and they will be forever grateful.

We challenge you to take a look at our available for dog adoption, cat adoption or rabbit adoption and not fall in love with at least one of them. We have yet to meet the person who could stand up to that challenge.