Keeping Animals in their Homes

Shiela Lund-Wild, C.A.F.E. Coordinator

Shiela Lund-Wild, C.A.F.E. Coordinator

Friends of Noah's full-circle approach to rescue means that we, in addition to fostering and adoption,  are also committed to prevention efforts in the community.

Many pet owners, including those who are low income or elderly, are forced to surrender their beloved pets because they simply can’t afford to care for or feed them.   Our C.A.F.E. program (Companion Animal Food Effort) provides for these families through multiple food pantries that assist in distributing pet food to those who need it most.

Pet food supplied through the C.A.F.E.  is collected in bins located at various retailers throughout Southern Wisconsin, as well as from private donors.   

Pet Food Pantry Collection Locations

Food collected will be distributed through these area outreach locations:

Bethel Baptist Church, Janesville
Caritas, Beloit
Milton community Outreach
Edgerton Community Outreach
Salvation Army, Janesville
Evansville Care Closet, Evansville
Whitewater Community Food Pantry

Contact Us

If you have a donation or inquiry, please feel free to contact our C.A.F.E. coordinator here:

Our hope is that the C.A.F.E. can help people who are having financial difficulty so that they don’t have to make the choice between providing for their children, for example, or for their pet.