Former Noah's Animal Fund Recipient

Former Noah's Animal Fund Recipient

Noah's Animal Fund


Noah's Animal Fund Recipient

Noah’s Animal Fund provides, through generous personal and corporate monetary donations, provide funds to allow qualified families to receive the medical help they need for their pet.

The goal is to provide assistance for an animal in a crisis that otherwise would not receive care. There must be a reasonable expectation of success and the intervention should enhance the bond between people and animalsThe fund does not provide for preventative care, which should be provided by a veterinarian on a routine basis.

Who Qualifies?

Any concerned person can apply for financial assistance to Noah’s Animal Fund Committee on behalf of an animal in need.  The Committee has complete discretion to decide the amount of and conditions for funds granted. In non-emergency cases, the board will make decisions at its monthly meeting.

Noah’s Animal Fund is solely sponsored by donations. Private donations are welcome and encouraged. The fund encourages and accepts donations intended to honor and memorialize animals with whom you had a special bond.

How do I apply?

1.  Complete the following application:


2.  Return your COMPLETED application to:

Noah's Animal Fund
PO Box 308
Janesville, WI 53547-0308

For further information, please email