Friends of Noah does so much more than just rescue, foster, and adopt animals in need.  We also strive to educate the community in hopes of preventing further abandoned and neglected pets.  

S.A.F.E. stands for Saving Animals Through Focused Education, and it's a program that helps develop caring, committed, and compassionate petowners in the community.

The message of responsible pet ownership and animal safety is taught through community schools and organizations with role-playing and hands-on activities.

To discuss how SAFE volunteers can add tremendous value to a curriculum, animal expo, or a civic presentation, call Friends of Noah-WI at 608-774-3402.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Our committee meets monthly.  Please contact our S.A.F.E. coordinator, Amber Gray, if you're interested in helping out!

Friends of Noah would like to thank Maggie and Deb for their years of service!

Maggie was owner released to the Rock Co. Humane Society when she was 5 years old as unfriendly and untrainable.  I adopted her on May 19, 2009.  We started obedience training where she achieved her CGC, CD and RN in competition.  I watched her interact with a 4 year old relative of mine and realized her vocation was working with children.  On August 9, 2010, Maggie passed her evaluation to become a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Intl.  We started working at local schools and libraries.  The following winter, I stopped by Arftic Art and talked to a couple of FoN volunteers and shared Maggie’s story.  They asked me to join SAFE and that was the start of Maggie’s work with FoN.  What SAFE does working with the community is just an extension of what Maggie does as a certified therapy dog.

In addition to her SAFE events, she has achieved four national honors with TDI and has over 1,500 hours working with her kids as a certified therapy dog and tail waggin’ tutor.  Out of over 24,000 certified therapy dogs with TDI, only 49 Lhasa Apso’s are certified.  Maggie is the first and only Lhasa to achieve national honors.

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