Becky & Fiona


Becky is a single mom of two teenage boys, Taylor (17 yo) and Caleb (14 yo) and a nurse in Janesville, WI. Taylor will be a senior at Parker High School and is a hockey player. He plans to join the Navy after graduation. Caleb will start his freshman year at Parker High School this fall and is a bowler. I am also a dog mom to the best dog ever, Fiona. She is an 11 yo beagle mix and if you ask my kids she is spoiled rotten.

We were lucky enough to dog-sit for Fiona’s previous family when they went on vacation a little over a year ago and we had made the comment that “she is so sweet we would keep her”. The family responded with “great we will bring her stuff when we get back from vacation”. The previous family had adopted from the local humane society and had her for about 10 years however, their situation had changed and they felt they didn’t have time for her. Unknown to me, they had wanted to re-home her but didn’t want to take her back to the humane society. We fell in love with little miss Fiona. She really is the sweetest thing you will ever meet and the best addition to our family.

We became fosters for Friends of Noah at the beginning of this year a bit unexpectedly. While at work, I had agreed to foster a 6 month old labradoodle puppy for someone for “just a few weeks”. Unfortunately, due to health problems, the owner was never able to come back for the puppy and my boys and I were faced with the task to re-home the puppy. My biggest concern was that the puppy obviously had a lot of life left to live and I didn’t want her to end up with the wrong family for her. Knowing that I didn’t have the resources to do background checks, vet checks and all of the steps that a good adoption process should have, Friends of Noah was suggested to me by a coworker. This is how we became part of the Friends of Noah family.

While sometimes letting go of the fosters is tough, we love fostering for Friends of Noah. It is great to give the fosters all the love they deserve while with us.